Contemporary hunt jacket with apron of matching or harmonizing dark color is appropriate for junior riders, entry-level showing, and informal occasions. A hunt shirt with choker, dark breeches to match or harmonize with apron, and helmet or protective headgear are appropriate.

The hunt apron is cut to hang level, 2" - 4" above the ankle, and completely covering the right foot.

The apron may be longer for young rider's wearing jodhpurs and paddock boots; jodhpurs and boot tops are not to show beneath the apron.

A sidesaddle cane may be carried instead of the standard hunt crop.


A hunt habit consisting of matching apron and sidesaddle coat is slightly dressier. It is worn with stock tie and breeches of the same color as habit. Adult riders may wear the black hunt derby ("bowler") for flat classes, and appropriate headgear over fences. Junior riders will wear protective headgear.

The habit may be made in black, navy, grey, brown, dark green or traditional hunt tweeds. The habit coat may have a slight cutaway styling, if desired, so the jacket hangs gracefully on either side of the right thigh. If a vest is worn, it should be of traditional hunt style and color.

Black boots should be worn with navy, black and grey habits; brown boots are optional with brown, green and tweed.


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